Sunday, December 17, 2023

Advent Fiction 2023

And just like that, Christmastime is upon us once again. As I've written previously, it's the most wonderful time of year and definitely my favorite holiday. For generations, Christmas has encouraged tradition in families across the planet. Some families have unique traditions, such as our family and the "Noel Pole." I'll write more about that later.

A fairly new tradition, at least for me, is participating in my friend Loren Eaton's annual Advent Fiction event. Each year Loren hosts a flash-fiction event on his website here. I look forward to participating in this every year and am always happy when I see the official announcement. Thank you, Loren! 

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For my new readers, and for those who may have forgotten, flash fiction is a story of exactly 100 words, no more, no less, excluding the title. This challenges me to make every word count, and avoid all the superfluous fluff I find myself writing in my other stories.

One more quick reminder, before jumping into this year's contribution. Any link you see underlined in blue, and any photo, will open in a new window if you click on it. You won't lose your place here. Following are three stories for your enjoyment. Are y'all ready? Let's go!

Santa's Claws

Bedtime at last, after a fun Christmas Eve party. Santa is out, doing his thing, not that I’d expect anything different. It’s in his nature, after all.


A resounding thump on the top of the house wakes me up. Santa? Maybe, but doubtful. He’s heavy for his size, but not that heavy.


Growls, snarls and barks are shortly followed by a howl of pain and agonized screaming.


What the heck?


Santa comes bounding into our bedroom. I’m glad I can communicate with him telepathically.


“Grinch is gone. I took care of him like a good dire wolf.”


That’s my boy!

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Here We Come A-Caroling

“Carol, oohhhh Carollll….”

The guttural voice, even in a singsong manner, still sounded like gravel being tossed about in a galvanized bucket.

“I’m cominnnng for you, Carollll.”

If anyone could make a laugh sound evil, it was definitely him.

Carol sat hunched in her closet, terrified.

“Carrollll, I know where you are, you can’t hide from meeeee.”

A hideous smell made Carol want to retch, but she held it in.

The closet door ripped free from its hinges, and Krampus grabbed the frightened girl.

“You know you can’t hide from us. It’s what we do with naughty people like you.”

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Joy, to the World:

Hello, world, it’s me, Joy.


Do not be afraid. I bring you good tidings and wonderful news.


Yes, everyone on this planet, every single person, can hear me right now. The “how” isn’t important. The “why” is.


Am I an angel? Ghost? Alien? It doesn’t matter, not in the least.


With all the bad going on in the world, there is more good. You just have to believe it.


Believe it when your friend apologized for hurting you. She was sincere.


Believe it when your estranged brother gave you that gift. He was sincere.


Believe this: great things are coming!

There you have it, my three stories for this year's event. I truly hope you enjoyed them all. What did you think? I'd love to read your comments below, good or bad.

Oh, and the Noel Pole tradition I mentioned earlier? My mom came up with this idea and we did this every Christmas when I was a young boy, as far back as I can remember. On our dining room table was a small gift, one for each person present that morning. Mom would take the used cardboard tubes from the empty wrapping paper rolls and wrap them in red and green crepe. This pole would go from the table to the ceiling, and then alternating red and green crepe streamers would go to each gift. This would be our last gift to open each year and could be something as simple as a toy car or a watch. You never knew.

What special traditions do your families observe? Please let me know below.

So, from me to you, I wish you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New years. 

Until next time.......

carpe cerevisi


  1. I love the image of Santa as a dire wolf. Totally puts a new spin on the whole holiday cheer thing!

    1. i'm glad you enjoyed it! I couldn't resist the puns on the titles, either.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I have so much fun writing these each year.

  3. Real fun, Patrick. Nice to make your acquaintance in a fun way like this!

    1. Thank you, sir! And nice to meet you, too.

  4. Good job. I especially like the Dire wolf.

    1. Thank you! That was my favorite one to write of the three.

  5. Overachiever! Three early presents for any eyes that find them.

    1. What can I say? These are fun to write, and I couldn't pick just one.

  6. I appreciated the spectrum of variety of moods that your drabbles spanned. What a varied collection!

  7. Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed them.