Saturday, December 17, 2016

Advent Ghosts 2016 flash fiction

Back in October, author Eric Douglas sent me a challenge to write some “flash fiction” that he hosts on his web page. He does this every October for Halloween, and naturally I was all for it. You can find this year’s collection from his page here. This was fun, although definitely a challenge to write a story in exactly 100 words. I found it much harder than I originally thought.

Just the other day, Eric sent me a link on my Facebook page to another author’s blog that has a similar challenge for Christmas. I managed to write one story for Halloween, so why not try another for Christmas? I went to Loren Eaton's blog site and read the requirements for submission. 100 word limit? Again? Cue Homer Simpson’s “D'oh!”

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Seriously, though, I really don’t mind the 100 word limit. That’s why it’s a “challenge,” right? I noticed that on both Eric’s and Loren’s challenge pages that some authors submitted more than one story. Cool! I’m going to write two for this challenge, then. Below are my two flash fiction stories for this year. Yes, they are exactly 100 words long each, excluding the title.

This old house

Hortence loved everything about Christmas, especially all of the decorations. This Christmas was no different. She busied herself lighting candles and hanging the myriad of wreaths she had acquired over the years in every window. Her house was old, true, but she loved sprucing it up for the holidays.

On Christmas Eve, as on all Christmas Eves of the past, she would stand in her window and wave to passersby, spreading cheer. She wished her family would visit.

“Oh, daddy, look at the nice lady waving to us.”

Tom glanced at the derelict house, then at his daughter. “What lady?”

Merry Christmas, my love

“Merry Christmas, my love.”

“Thank you, but what am I doing here?”

“Don’t be silly, you live here.”

“I used to live here.”

“Open your gift. I think it’s perfect for you.”

“I will. Just give me a minute to figure this out.”

“Figure what out my love? It’s your Christmas present. Open it, Ian!”

Ian glanced at the beautifully wrapped box. As usual, Janelle had done a stellar job with the wrapping.

“How did I get here? This is really strange.”

Janelle laughed her cute little laugh that Ian always loved. “Resurrection for Dummies, silly! It was so easy!”

I hope y'all enjoyed my two (very) short stories. Please check out the other submissions on Loren's page at the link above. I will be posting my own blog about Christmas and what it means to me in the next couple of days.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

carpe cerevisi

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