Friday, January 15, 2016

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With 2016 being just a couple of weeks old, the year is already looking good for several upcoming movies. Cindy and I have two under our belt so far. We watched In The Heart Of The Sea on New Year’s Day, and the latest Star Wars movie the next day. I listened to the audiobook version of “Sea” several years ago, shortly after the book was released. At the time, I thought it would make a good movie, and it did! It’s a truly epic story, and one I’d recommend, either by book or movie.

We had an extra special treat when watching the Star Wars movie. We ran into a geocaching friend of ours and his two kids. We haven’t seen them in quite a while, so it was a very pleasant surprise to meet up with them. We were able to sit together, and watch the movie. They had already seen it at least once, and Steven was anxious to get my impressions of the latest installment. What really caught my eye, though, was that they brought in some empty plastic popcorn tubs and drink cups. Yes, you did read that correctly. These tubs were empty! Steven explained to me that they purchased these to be used for free reduced price refills (thanks for the clarification, Steven!) of popcorn and soda. Just a couple of movies, and they would pay for themselves. Excellent idea, especially since there are way more than two we want to see this year! Thank you, Steven!

Google calendars rock, by the way! Both Cindy and I keep our own Google calendars, but share them so we can both see what’s going on with each other. I generally keep such items as trips and scuba activities on mine, while Cindy uses hers mainly for her class schedules. Of course, I add both upcoming movie releases and new TV show releases. So, what’s on tap for this year?

Our next movie looks to be The 5th Wave. It opens towards the end of this month, and we’ll definitely buy our popcorn tubs and drink cups for future use. Steven said the biggest challenge is to remember to take them to the theater when we go. About a week later The Finest Hours opens, and this promises to be another epic sea tale. Ok, hmmm, so thus far of the four movies I’ve written about, two are seafaring related and two are sci-fi. I see a trend here, I think.

In March, the last Divergent movie is set to open. The first two were fun to watch and I expect the same to hold true with the final movie. Later in the summer, Finding Dory will, no pun intended, find its way into theaters. Who am I kidding? That pun was totally intended! And speaking of summer, what better way to spend a hot, humid day than in a cool, dark theater, watching the next installment of the Star Trek series? Hey, did I remember the drink cup? Heck yeah!

Going into fall, I’m looking forward to Sully and Deepwater Horizon. Sully is about Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully landed that US Airways flight in the Hudson River back in 2009. For my fellow fans of Sai King, remember the flight number? It was 1549. For those of y’all reading this who aren’t Stephen King fans, first of all you have my sympathy. Secondly, I could just tell you about the reference, but I’d rather you just pick up a few King books and start reading. Deepwater Horizon is based on the 2010 accident on that rig.

The Girl on the Train and Inferno are both based on books. I’ve read Inferno, but haven’t read The Girl on the Train yet. Inferno is the next Dan Brown book in the “Robert Langdon” series to be made into a movie. Finally, I have Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the calendar. After the last Harry Potter movie, I wondered what would come next from JK Rowling’s gifted mind. For those not familiar with the Harry Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was one of his text books while attending Hogwarts. I’ve read a few online sources (so it must be true, right?) that Quidditch Through The Ages has been optioned for production as well. This is another of Harry’s text books, and if done properly, it should be very entertaining.

That’s my “short list” thus far. Of course, there are several more movies opening throughout the year, but the titles above are on my calendar for a reason.
Pass the popcorn!

Until next time…

Carpe cerevisi

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